Management accounting presented inunderstandablehumanaccessiblelanguage.

Management accounting presented inhumanaccessiblelanguage.

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Calculation of business plans

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The calculation for the production of three products

1 000 руб each

That is the specific file where all calculations are placed on one sheet. It is calculated by the production of three types of products from three types of raw materials.
Project term: 10 years. Calculations are shown both monthly and aggregated by years (years are reflected in columns from DZ to EI)
Funding types: own and borrowed funds.
Data is entered only in the table cells highlighted in orange. It is also necessary to remember to check the other table cell notes.

Financial indicators are calculated:

  • Net present value (NPV);
  • Discounted payback period (PBP);
  • Simple payback period;
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR);
  • Return on assets (ROA);
  • Return on Equity (ROE);
  • Profitability of fixed assets;
  • Rate of Sales (ROS);
  • Asset coverage ratio (CR);
  • Net Working Capital (NWC).

Reporting is calculated in the GAAP format.

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