Management accounting presented inunderstandablehumanaccessiblelanguage.

Management accounting presented inhumanaccessiblelanguage.

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Tables for keeping records of funds in several legal entities in the context of 50 objects

4 000 руб each

Allows you to keep track of cash costs from several current accounts and cash desks in the context of 50 objects. In addition, expenses for direct non-objects are allocated separately. Settlements between business owners are taken into account separately. The number of objects can be easily increased to any number, there are already limitations only in the software capabilities of Excel and the hardware used.

File characteristics:

1. Keeping records of business financing through several legal entities (up to 5), each legal entity has up to 4 bank accounts.
2. Keeping records in the context of 50 objects.
3. Convenient navigation inside the file.
4. Settlements between owners (investments in business and withdrawals from business).


If you do not need a file with several legal entities, then simpler files for cash flow accounting by objects will suit you:

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