Management accounting presented inunderstandablehumanaccessiblelanguage.

Management accounting presented inhumanaccessiblelanguage.

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Calculation of business plans

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The calculation of a business plan for the production of 15 types of products

3 000 руб each

This file calculates the payback for cutting and packing vegetables for subsequent sale. You can pack 20 products in 15 ways. The file can be used not only for calculating the cutting of vegetables, but also for any other calculation where it is necessary to produce a certain product from a set of certain materials.

Project duration: 3 years.
Number of products produced: 15
Number of materials used: 20
Types of financing: own funds.
Data is entered only in the cells highlighted in orange .

As a result of the calculations, we get the main trio of reporting: balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement.



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